Climate change and wars

That climate change is in place is evident and it is under the eyes of all that our planet is changing deeply: the summer that is ending has been one of the hottest with many days in which the thermometers have reached and also exceeded 40 degrees , hot days that caused drought and water emergency, serious damage to agriculture and the melting record of alpine glaciers.
The hot days were interspersed only by extreme weather events such as thunderstorms of a power never seen at our latitudes, destructive air trumpets, sand devils that usually occur only in the deserts and hailed by records.  These changes between torrid climate and destructive rains are the first effects of climate change that also affect our cities and cause damage to our body that fails to adapt to the whims of the weather.
The researchers of the SIPRI, International Institute for Research on Peace, have wondered whether climate change can also fuel armed conflicts: the answer is positive. In the future, wars will be fought to capture the last remaining natural resources, especially the water, and more and more people will be forced to emigrate from their lands become inhospitable because they are desertification or submerged by the waters of the oceans. Migratory pressure will increase to such an extent that conflicts will be inevitable and to pay the highest price of millions of innocent civilians.
At the Sipri have shown that the destruction of natural habitats and the consequent decrease in the resources of our planet will bring the whole of humanity into a state of permanent war where there are no winners but only won because in the end we will be right We humans to succumb. The appeal of the SIPRI is clear: we must hurry and save our planet before it is too late, before mankind inevitably goes to self-destruct.
Here is the link with the video of the Sipri:


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