The desire for independence in Catalonia

In Catalonia, the desire for independence has never been so much: millions of people have shown in Barcelona to ask for the definitive separation from the government of Madrid, considered oppressive and also contrary to the will of the Catalan people. The Spanish government is accused by the Catalan independence of clip the wings to the ambitions of freedom of the proud Catalan people, which aims to constitute an autonomous state.
From Madrid They know that they will do everything to block the referendum on independence scheduled for October 1 and meanwhile there are arrests and searches in the offices of the Catalan authorities in Barcelona. The tension has never been so high after years when the question of Catalonia seemed almost forgotten and no longer talked about it; Now the desire for independence of the Catalans has exploded stronger than ever and relations with the central government are at the historical lows.
For many years the Catalans have been asking to be able to constitute an autonomous state, free to make the choices that most deems appropriate instead of being forced to accept the decisions imposed by the top of Madrid, considered wrong and damaging to Catalonia. Catalonia is the richest region in Spain and has a more solid and advanced economy than the other regions of the country, which is why the central authorities are struggling to accept its desire for secession.
The Catalan independence has always existed because perhaps the Catalans never liked to be part of the Spanish state, they have always felt like strangers happened in Spain by chance.
If on 1 October the referendum will have to be carefully assessed the consequences of the vote and the result: perhaps on 2 October 2017 we will be able to witness the birth of a new European state or perhaps everything will remain as it is, for now it is impossible to say. Meanwhile, the Catalan authorities have ensured that they will do everything to organize the referendum and have made it known that they consider the police forces sent by Madrid as foreign occupation forces who want to establish the dictatorship in Catalonia.


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