Malala comes back home, a new hope for women

Malala Yousafzai, a young woman Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment to women’s education; She came back home, in her beloved Pakistan. Malala was forced to flee from her homeland after being hit by a Taliban bullet as she returned home from school. Her commitment to women’s education was inconvenient in a country like Pakistan where there are still so many people who do not want to allow women to study and realize themselves.

A woman can and must be realized also in the study and in the work, says Malala, it is not possible to prevent the girls to study, to realize their dreams, to take their economic independence. Every woman must be free to learn and to study what she wants, to do the craft she wants and there are no professions for men and professions for women, only trades all the same and all with equal dignity.

Even if only for a few days the return of Malala to Pakistan represents a great hope of redemption for all women, all those women who still in the 21st century are oppressed and cannot do what they want in their lives. Malaa who said that a child, a book and a pen can change the world is the proof that an educated woman has in her hands an enormous power, the power to decide on her own life without masters and without oppressors.



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