Women fighting for their rights

It seems incredible but one thing that for us is absolutely normal as going to the gym for Afghan women is an act of courage that exposes them to risks unimaginable to us; In many attend the fitness courses in secret not to be discovered by their families. The most conservative families do not allow women to attend gyms or other places of recreation and preclude to wives, sisters, friends to take care of their bodies as they wish.

Going to the gym and repossessing the right to take care of themselves is a fundamental right that Afghan women demand loudly after the terrible years of the Taliban dictatorship, but it is a right that many, too many women are still foreclosed In the name of a distorted reading of religious precepts. Taking care of your body and getting better, learning to have a new vision of themselves no longer imposed by others, reasoning with your own head are huge achievements for Afghans who until recently were forced into the house, abused by fathers and violent husbands , hidden under the integral Islamic Fleece, which also erases the features and represses the personality.

Reconciling Islamic religion and respect for women seems an impossible mission but for Afghan women it is a fundamental question because for them it means being recognized as devout women and attentive to religious precepts but at the same time women who do not They want to disown themselves and their femininity in the name of a distorted view of religion.

Struggling women, who are willing to go against their own families in order to see their right to take care of their bodies, courageous women who know well that the most important battle to be won is that against prejudices and Discriminations of which they are victims every day.



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