Culture will save us

We’re just coming out of a very difficult time, and we don’t know what the future holds.

But we know one thing: culture is our only foothold to which we can be attached so as not to be wrecked in the hardest periods is culture. Art exhibitions, museums, book presentations with reading that leads to fantastic and ideal worlds, …. They are what it takes not to flatten themselves, not to become slaves to the Internet or to TV, to learn to reason with their own mind and not to take everything that is said as absolute truth but to look at it with a critical eye.

Because we are not made to absorb as sponges everything we are told, but we are made to give our opinion and decide whether something is good for us or not. We are not just made of disco, gym and TV movies, but we are also made of the need to get excited in front of a ‘work of art, of reading, of silences that say everything without saying a word. We are also made of history, because it is from history and through history that we are who we are.

Only culture can save us from a drift that seems too long and dangerous.



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