Books… at home

The weather forecast is very bad and the terrible storm Burian is approaching, which directly from the Baltic Sea is preparing to bring us cold and snow. Yeah, on a weekend like this, there’s nothing we can do but get ready for boredom…

But no, because when the weather is bad and the predictions do not announce anything new you can do something that calms and heals body and spirit: read. You sure as hell just go to Amazon..

But there is an even better site that deviates from mass literature and offers surprising and captivating books that will leave you breathless with the desire to start another book immediately. This site collects all independent and little-known libraries and allow you to choose your books of the heart, decide how and when to pay and above all choose whether to receive the books directly at home or pick them up by choosing the nearest library to you. A truly unique and very comfortable service…

So here’s the link Bookdealer | I tuoi librai a domicilio and be transported in a sea of fantastic stories to read and reread when and where you want.

And did you already know this service or is it the first time you hear about it? If you have already tried it, how did you find yourself? I know in the comments, I expect numerous!!!


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