Dogs in art

Dogs are always close to us, they play with us and they amuse us, they are close to us when we are sad, with a single look they can understand how we feel and our mood.

How nice it is to caress a dog when we’re happy, put our heads against their soft hair when we’re sad. With them we must not pretend, we are with our strengths and weaknesses, with our insecurities and our weaknesses. They don’t care what color our skin is, they don’t care if we’re poor or rich, they don’t care if we’re tall or low, fat or thin, they just love us.

Their simple and pure spirit goes beyond appearances, can understand our true essence. Without words but with so much empathy.

For all dog lovers, and not only, here is a book that will make you dream and reflect.

link: Geo – RaiPlay



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