Reading snaks

Reading is beautiful, it makes us taste all that freedom that for now is denied us.

We can escape, visit distant countries and fantastic and new places; we can immerse ourselves in a different reality and live the lives of other people who are often very different from ours. It’s nice to travel even with your imagination and change your point of view at least for a moment, at least for the time of reading.

The freedom that reading gives us is unique, it has no price, and in these difficult times when we are to stay for long hours locked in the house, where we feel that nothing makes sense anymore, that this terrible disease should never end we can only cling to reading to escape at least a little and try to build a better world to restart when the virus is finally gone.

But when you read it can happen that in addition to the mind also the belly needs to be fed and then how to do?

There are many snacks that are easy to prepare, light and tasty just waiting to be tried. When you read you need to eat things that are not fat but read and tasty that do not go to have an impact on the main meals of the day, lunch and dinner, that must never go into the background.

To find many easy and tasty ideas to try you can try here 10 spuntini sani e buoni spezzafame – La Cucina Italiana where you can find salty and sweet ideas, suitable when you read.

Tell me what you suffer, let me know in the comments if you have found new ideas and if you have tried them. I expect numerous.



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