Ethnic dinner at home too

For all those who dream of exotic trips, for those who love ethnic cuisine and is always ready to taste new tastes and for those who are simply curious.

With a few simple tricks there are 20 exotic and ethnic recipes that you can try to do at home waiting to finally be able to travel. You will see that by trying them you will feel like you are already on holiday, already flying to dream destinations.

So if you’re ready to pack (metaphorically for now) and leave for a trip ni tastes and culture of other peoples have fun and indulge yourself with recipes that apparently are far from our way of being but basically in cooking food there is something that binds us all, in any part of the world we are.

Food is culture, it is exchange, it is history and ancient tradition together with studies, new tastes and new tastes, reinterpretations that with time become part of us.

When food is combined with culture, history and tradition the unusual but delicious combinations are the order of the day.

And then enjoy reading and enjoy your appetite!!!!

link: Le nostre 20 migliori ricette per una cena etnica home made (



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