Choosing a book to read

Choosing a book is never easy.

It means jumping headlong between thousands of titles and getting lost among a thousand different stories, all intense, mysterious, captivating.

When you enter a library or a library it’s like stepping into an enchanted world where you can live, one, ten, a thousand possible lives. But the same thing happens when we buy on Amazon or another e-commerce site.

Deciding is hard, very hard, and in the end we always remain with that little voice that says: “You could buy another title…” and so infinitely.

The women lovers of reading, but it also applies to men, they will understand me. When I choose a book to buy I get lost and I can not decide in a short time, I get stuck in front of all those titles that promise beautiful stories only to read and discover and in the end I say that for now it’s okay but next time….

That they are thrillers, thrillers, romance, books on dogs and cats funny and moving…. I have almost a real ritual when I have to choose and even when it comes to deciding which book to take with me on holiday history repeats because I want to bring everything but I have to choose a single title.

Tell me if the same thing happens to you when you have to choose a book. I expect as always numerous comments.

I leave you the link to Amazon books, you never know….

Meanwhile happy holidays and enjoy reading!!!!



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