Art returns

After the well-deserved holidays art returns… great

The month of September promises to be full of interesting exhibitions and cultural events from north to south. So we must take advantage of it.

If you can’t wait to go around for exhibitions and museums you have to rejoice because the offer of cultural events, exhibitions, art installations…. is vast and ranges from contemporary art to impressionists, from cubism to sculptures of Greek origin… But you can also dedicate yourself to book presentations, folklore festivals… because our Italy is so beautiful that everything becomes art immediately.

Just take a little tour on the web and you will find that there are really many initiatives in almost every city to satisfy everyone, just look for and you will open in front of you a world of art and beauty to discover.

If you are ready to be enchanted and excited by the great artists prepare for a real tour of exhibitions and cultural events. It doesn’t matter if you’re north, center or south because art is everywhere.

I leave you some links that might be useful but of course on the web you can find much more so do not hesitate to let me know if you found any useful site by writing in the comments.

Enjoy reading and let me know which are your favorite cultural hosts, which exhibition you want to see, if there is an artistic style that particularly impressed you…



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