Save the bookstores

I don’t know about you but I really like to go to the bookshop and be carried away like in a dream by the scent of paper and all those beautiful stories that encloses.

All of us for work, study or for simple passion and love of reading have entered the library. I love reading and for me to enter the library means to go with the thought “but yes, it’s just to take a look” and come out with at least 4 or 5 new books that I just couldn’t resist.

And when I go out with my little bag with new books I feel richer, as if I had just discovered a treasure, because culture is a value that lasts in time and you can not explain but always stay with us at any time.

But now libraries are suffering. Many libraries have closed, crushed by the crisis and then by the closures following the virus.

Buying online, especially through Amazon, has condemned libraries to close. Of course in the time of closures buy online saved us but now why not find the pleasure of going to the bookstore and buy a book after touching, read the plots….?

We save libraries, the only areas of culture that illuminate our life like a beacon and make it less empty. Saving libraries means saving ourselves from sadness and a life of reality shows and empty, meaningless programs.



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