Recipes inspired by books, movies, TV series…

We know t.

hat reading is nourishment for the spirit, makes us lighter and makes us fly with fantasy, reading allows us to immerse ourselves in a fantastic world and to live incredible adventures.

We’ve said that a thousand times before, and I don’t want to be boring.

But what if books can also feed the belly?

You can because the inviting and tasty recipes that take inspiration from books, TV series and movies are many and just waiting to be tried. There are recipes inspired by Harry Potter for fantasy lovers, recipes inspired by Jane Eyre for those who love stories in costume and tormented adventures and so on.

Books, movies, TV series often owe their fame to a recipe that the main characters eat in a key scene and so it is natural to replicate this or that culinary goodness even in real life, and we realize that this recipe is not only iconic but also tasty.

It is not rare that a recipe born in a film as a worthy crowning of a key scene, with the protagonists pulling the threads of the entire plot, then becomes a tasty dish even in reality and slowly enters the menus of restaurants, in our home diet…

Of course there are also famous cocktails that were born in a movie and are now the most popular in all the best bars with bartenders who challenge those who are closer to the original (just think of the famous cocktail that so much likes James Bond).

Here are some useful links to get into your favorite movies and I just have to wish you good vision and enjoy your appetite!!!

5 Ricette ispirate dai libri famosi



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