Ten villages, ten small enchanted places

When we decide a place we would like to visit we are used to look at the most popular tourist routes. Then let’s take a look at apps such as Trip Advisor and at this point we are ready to go.

But are we sure it’s just those places that are worth a visit? Just get away from the most famous routes and you can discover some wonderful and little known places that will leave you speechless.

Small villages that reveal themselves little by little and discover some real treasures that are really worth visiting.

We should not think that only the classic tourist routes are of note because even places not well known can be interesting and we can enjoy landscapes, dreamy views, tranquility, we can recharge energy for when we return to the city.

Discovering a village is like being a new explorer, and maybe we will discover that in that village they make cute crafts or super good dishes are cooked, or we will discover that there are dream landscapes waiting to be discovered.

And so, all to explore small but very beautiful villages. I leave you a link that might be useful. If you have already visited villages little known but beautiful or want to do so I expect numerous comments to know your experiences.

link: https://www.msn.com/it-it/viaggi/notizie/dieci-borghi-incantevoli-da-esplorare-in-autunno/ar-AAQlie0?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531



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