A bit curious news

This week a little curiosity. A curiosity about a family, a new house just bought and… a cat

Yes, a delicious black cat hiding in a closet.

But now the story of the story. ” They had just moved into the new house when they found an unexpected guest waiting for them: inside a kitchen cabinet there was a black cat staring at them. It all happened in a house in Norwich, UK, just before Christmas. The family then called the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Rspca) which sent one of its inspectors on the spot: «The new owners of the house did not really expect to find it in the kitchen cupboard when they moved, they must have had a nice surprise – says inspector Amy Pellegrini – .  They were worried because they have dogs and did not want to scare the cat more than it already was». «It was a really sweet thing: it’s a wonderful kitten who loves stories and stay on her bed for cuddling – explains the inspector – I called him Mistletoe because he was found just before Christmas». From the veterinary tests Mistletoe was found to be healthy, but without a microchip: now it will remain in a shelter for a few weeks and then will be put on the list of animals in adoption”.

It’s just a really sweet, sweet story. For me, a story like that had to be told, it is moving and shows that our animal friends always know how to surprise us.

And you? What is your relationship with your animals? Tell me, I expect numerous comments.




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