Films based on reality

Reality outweighs fantasy… or fantasy outweighs reality..

No one has ever solved this small or big dilemma (depending on the point of view) but there are many films that are based on reality.

Yes, because reality can be a source of inspiration for actors and directors who eventually decide to make a film about a fact that really happened, both a fact that happened long before, and a fact of the immediate past.

There are no more biographies of kings, queens, princes and princesses of the past who have witnessed an important event that has gone down in history. Then there are the films inspired by a dramatic fact, such as Thrirteen Days, which is based on the somewhat fictionalized story of those terrible days that saw the world on the brink of nuclear catastrophe.

There are films, and even some TV series, that talk about the great journalistic investigations and everything that has been discovered, about the scandals that have ensued.

There are movies and TV series for all tastes and I want to leave you a link that might interest you.

Enjoy it, and let me know which reality-focused movies you like the most.



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