Sunday brunch

Sunday, when we want to cuddle a little.

Day dedicated to sweetness, to the rediscovery of things that make us feel good, to the enhancement of our passions.

We are more relaxed, happier and we see the world with new eyes. We love waking up a little bit later and still staying in bed and cuddling a little bit.

So what could be better than a delicious and light brunch, with many specialties to eat and lots of taste? The brunch at the beginning was a typical Anglo-Saxon habit but for some years the fashion has exploded all over Europe and now all at least once in life we attended a brunch and we ate a typical English breakfast in the company of our friends.

Brunch is an informal, creative and fun opportunity to spend time chatting over a plate of great food. On line you can find recipes for unforgettable brunches to do quietly at home but there are also many places that offer the brunch service with a creative note and recipes revised and corrected by the best chefs for a truly unique quality that will send the taste buds taste in ecstasy.

On an English site of which I leave the link I found recipes that promise wonders, are easy to make and the expense is really contained. After all, the British invented brunch so who can give me advice on this topic?

And then go with the recipes, and do not forget to let me know in the comments if you tried any preparation and if you liked it.

link: https:///



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