Vienna, my love

Vienna, a fantastic city full of history and culture.

A city that involves you as soon as you arrive and at the moment of leaving leaves your eyes shiny and a lot, a lot, desire to return.

Vienna is not like other cities, you can not just visit and then store among the memories. Vienna you live, you taste every second you spend in the city and you will never forget because you enter into every fiber of being. And then museums and cultural events are numerous and for all tastes, very engaging and innovative.

Vienna can give fantastic emotions, it is an experience that can only be understood after the experience.

I visited Vienna in 2008 and since then I remember it as the city of elegance, art and culture and it always seems to me as if I had just returned so much the memory is vivid.

The Austrian capital can be a treasure chest that opens little by little and then is like an explosion of emotions that remain for life.

I leave you an interesting link that I think will interest you. If you have already been to Vienna, tell me about your experiences in the comments, I look forward to seeing you.



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