British sandwiches

We are about to pay our last respects to Queen Elizabeth.

We are all still strange and dismayed at the disappearance of a woman so great and so loved by his people and not only but we can celebrate it by preparing delicious English sandwiches, British pardon, good to lick the mustache.

Yes, British cuisine has some cornerstones that any of you know well and are the legendary fish and chips, breakfast with bacon and eggs, the legendary tea break at five that was so dear to Queen Elizabeth, Pub dishes with lots of meat and of course sandwiches made in many ways to make more colorful lunch or a snack.

Over time the habit of eating sandwiches became an integral part of British culture, so much so that in many cases it became natural to make the association Great Britain = sandwich and it was not long that in other countries also began to make small snacks with these delicious sandwiches.

The sandwiches adapted to the culture and eating habits of the various countries and fantastic variations were born to try more or less spicy, more or less spicy and so on.

In Italy in 1926 in the local Mulassano of Turin were born sandwiches that, although different, very close to the British sandwiches and worth tasting because they are really delicious and full of taste.

But now we go back to Britain and have fun with the food from overseas to discover new and unexpected tastes and if some of you are very good in the kitchen, unlike the writer, can also try to customize the recipes to taste something really original.

And remember that if you have any particularly good recipe or if you have any particularly exciting memories of a trip to the UK you can always write me in the comments and I will be happy to read you.

Good reading and good appetite


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