The very British tradition of the Five o’clock Tea

“It’s five My Lady, it’s time for tea”.

Here is a tradition, very British of course, that has become iconic, represented in films and TV series, written in countless novels.

For the British, the five o’clock tea is something more than a simple tea, it is something that represents them, it is something that is part of their culture and now identifies them all over the world. It is said that the rich English ladies even when they were far from home never gave up their five o’clock, for them it was something that at the time meant a very important status symbol.

Obviously times have changed and the era of colonialism is over for quite a while but the tradition of making a tea at five, or anyway in the afternoon, It is still well rooted in the minds and hearts of the English and in fact you just go to London and see how many tea rooms there are a little everywhere.

Close to historical places founded when the trade of tea with India was a British monopoly there are also newer places that try to keep the tradition unchanged and still alive maybe with some modern reinterpretation.

In the typical British tea room you can sip tea in all ways, including the classic English breakfast, and then there are fantastic pastries and much more in an elegant and refined environment.

Then have a good afternoon of tea. And of course if you’ve been to London and have already had the opportunity to enjoy the five o’clock tea, let me know in the comments, for me it will be a real pleasure to read you.




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