An aperitif to read

We arrived at the weekend. After so many things we did, said, thought now it’s time to take a breath, to pamper ourselves a little.

And we can also pamper ourselves both at the table and with a good book. As I said, even at the cost of being a bit boring, food and culture go hand in hand and complement each other. It’s nice to think that every now and then we can combine the two and have fun with both a good aperitif and a good book that can keep us company for this weekend.

And what could be better than reading gratifying us with some delicious and tasty food? The good reading aperitif should be tasty but not too heavy and should not make us lose the desire to eat the main meals, lunch and dinner. We don’t have to bet too much on aperitifs, just pamper ourselves a little while we read our favorite book and get lost in the story and the twists and turns of the plot.

We can read books of any kind and let ourselves be carried gently on the wings of the story and the aperitif must be a worthy crowning. And if you go we can also organize literary aperitifs with relatives and friends to talk freely about our favorite books, a book that we particularly liked.

Getting together and talking about books while enjoying a good aperitif can be a good way to spend a weekend a little different, very fun and exciting.

Then have a good drink and have a good read. And of course, if you have already participated or organized a literary aperitif let me know in the comments, I cannot wait to read them.




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