Pizza boom

Everyone loves pizza. Just thinking about eating pizza makes us feel good, happy. It reminds us when we were little and we prepared it at home with our mom between jokes and lots of laughter.

How we like to bite a good pizza and enjoy the moment until the last slice, and patience if we were on a diet because every now and then some small satisfaction, some small gift we want to take it.

Born in our beautiful Italy, pizza has now become a real global phenomenon, everyone likes it at any age, it can be both sweet and salty, you can put the ingredients you want, it can be both classic and padellino and is delicious in any case.

We can eat it at the restaurant or pizzeria but the taste of homemade pizza is priceless. The beauty of creating a good pizza with your own hands is something that cannot be explained.

The beauty of pizza is that it perfectly reflects the culture of a people, history, traditions, and all with maximum taste. When we were all forced home by the virus the first thing we wanted to do to get better and to reward ourselves a little bit was pizza and we have not stopped.

We love watching recipes, books and cooking magazines, forums and social media pages on the subject and we all put something personal, unique. And the beauty is also this, our personal touch that nobody can ever take away.

Pizza is about our history, our life, our habits and all this we transform into unique ingredients and flavors. Our traditions are all seen when we show them through a good pizza, our regional habits are all there.

And then everyone to make a good pizza and… bon appetit!!!!



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