Berlin, a dynamic city

To become always, never to be.

The city of Berlin’s motto says it all on its own. The dynamic spirit of the city, the desire to do, the desire to have fun typical of a young and always moving city.

In Berlin you will find art and culture, find fun, find history and find a city that has been able to go on, has been able to treasure the historical teachings and rise as a phoenix to become even more beautiful, an environment anticipating the great culture and its avant-garde.

Berlin is like a dream, everything changes but the soul remains unchanged and authentic. In Berlin, going from university to exhibitions, to KaDeWe, to nightclubs is easier than you think. Cultural contamination is a reality.

The KaDeWe is the legendary shopping center of Berlin, full of everything for all needs. There are also small restaurants to enjoy typical Berlin cuisine which is not what we think, it is much better. If you thought the Germans with sauerkraut and sausages and mega mugs of beer know that this is not always the case, Berlin cuisine suffers from the various souls of the city and knows how to combine them together to perfection.

Berlin city of art and history, with the pieces of the wall to remind us that the divisions, barriers and the impossibility of understanding and understanding hurt, sometimes so much harm and are wounds that do not heal until after so long. Berlin is the life that goes beyond the tragedies and defeats of history and knows how to reinvent and recreate.

Berlin is the soul of the party with clubs and discos but also a scholar with universities, libraries and beautiful museums.

Berlin is everything, it’s all to discover. And for shopping, which we women like so much, there are shops of the best brands and unexpected shops that are gradually discovered.

Then everyone to Berlin, schnell!!!!



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