Only for strong stomachs!!!

I always like to say that basically food and culture go hand in hand, that in the end we can know well the habits and the way of life of a people only at the table.

From the way you cook certain foods, from the way you eat, from the foods you consider to eat, to those foods considered taboo you can really know the culture of a people and you can understand the history, the vicissitudes, all that that people has lived and all the adversities that it has had to fight.

From what we eat we can really understand what a people had to endure to get to the present day.

So welcome every now and then an evening spent in a restaurant a little ‘particular to approach the culture of another people. It is right sometimes to see things from another perspective to really understand how things are and make a general idea of things, after all, just hearing all the voices you get to the truth.

But some dishes are really… too weird and it seems incredible that someone eats them and finds them good. But then Country you go custom that you find and so here is an article on the most extreme dishes around the way. They are only for strong stomachs but it is worth giving him a quick look.

Of course, if you have already had the opportunity to taste some of these foods let me know in the comments, I can’t wait to read them.




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