Spring exhibitions

April is coming and there is great desire to go out, take trips out of town and outings…

But there is also a great desire for art, to see exhibitions, to participate in cultural initiatives…

And spring is the best season to go out and see exhibitions and museums, but also new and interesting places that are usually closed to the public.

Saturday and Sunday thanks to the great and work of the FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, will open beautifully restored wonderful places where you can really relive the life of a time, understand how you lived at the time, see what were the daily activities of the past.

It’s nice to see castles, bourgeois and noble houses, old buildings and historic buildings full of charm, with a story to discover and tell.

And then often the volunteers of the FAI who accompany tourists to see the places of the heart are girls and boys of schools who can not wait to show everything they have learned.

But of course here is a list of all the main exhibitions in April to enjoy art and culture to the fullest. North, center, south or islands doesn’t matter because art is everywhere and just waiting to be discovered and rediscovered.

Spending a cultural day between exhibitions and museums, or to see the places of the heart of the FAI, is a useful pastime that teaches us a lot, because you can not look to the future if you do not know the past.

And then with the beautiful days we leave home and discover a world of art and culture that can excite us, move us, teach so much.

Here are the links with all the necessary information.





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