Next wars will be over water?


Water is an essential element for life on our planet; even our bodies are made mostly of water and because of this everyone’s life depends on the availability of this precious natural resource.

Pollution and the increasing international tension unfortunately are putting at serious risk the main water sources of the planet and many international political analysts are beginning to think that future wars will be fought right to ensure proper water supply. The control of the main reservoirs, in the not too distant future, could become strategically important and many Governments could decide to start an armed conflict to take possession of it.

In the Middle East the basin of the Jordan River has always been a source not only of water, but also of tension because it is disputed between Israel and its neighbours Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. From the Jordan River Israel takes most of the water used to irrigate the fields and for industrial uses at the expense of neighbouring countries and for this reason we can say that the water control will have a decisive bearing on the negotiations for peace in the region.

In Africa in the Nile River basin is a region spanning 10 Countries-Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Eritrea-has always been at the center of bitter disputes over the control of its immense water resources. The construction of the great dam called Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam was unlocked only after long and laborious negotiations and this shows how important the water for the geopolitical balance in the region.

The area of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers has always been at the center of a dispute for control of waters between Turkey and its neighbours as well as with the armed Kurdish organisation PKK.

In Iraq Mosul Dam was heavily damaged by war and 450 Italian soldiers will be sent to guarantee security during the restoration.

Water is increasingly important and it is possible that in the future the major freshwater basins can come under attack for terrorist organizations; Blue Gold is fundamental to our life on this planet and we must prepare to protect it from physical, chemical and bacteriological attacks that may contaminate heavily springs, depots, dams and aqueducts.






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