ISIS, global threat


Double terrorist attack on Tuesday morning in Brussels, as well as the terrible attacks that on 13 November bloodied Paris, proved once more that the ISIS is a global threat. The militiamen of the Caliphate have created a real global network of terrorists that are only intended to attack where and when we least expect it with the clear intention to make the highest possible number of victims.

The fact that major wanted for the attacks in Paris, Salah Abdeslam, was in close contact with the bombers who transformed the centre and Brussels Airport in a living hell just three days ago, speaks volumes about just how extensive and dangerous network of terrorist cells of the self-styled Islamic State. In recent times were also affected the Turkish cities of Ankara and Istanbul, Ivory Coast, Egypt. the Tunisia with terrorists who bloodied the wonderful beaches in Sousse, and many other places that are very far apart geographically, but are linked by a network of supporters of extremists that extends all over the planet.

In the face of a global threat response and defensive countermeasures must be global because each country cannot face alone a problem so big. A greater exchange of information between the security forces and intelligence agencies of various countries can be a good starting point to ensure a more effective repression and prevention of new terrorist attacks.
More controls are needed to ensure the safety of all of us who usually move in aircraft, Metro and also of the many honest Muslims who just want to live in peace and profess their faith without fear of retaliation.




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