Between cyber security and privacy


Community law called “Passenger name record” was approved after a long debate and public opinion is splitting between conducive to disclosure of your personal information in the name of fighting the terrorism and those who would like greater privacy protection.
The latest episodes of terrorism have no place in an urgent safety problem and occurred even a need to control jihadist propaganda on the Internet; is evidenced by statistics that the vast majority of foreign fighters who went to fight in war zones in Syria and Iraq were recruited right online, particularly on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
The register of airline passengers just adopted by the Community institutions stipulates that data for all those who are taking, or will in the future the plane for their shifts, are carefully collected and stored and will be made to all unusual profiles: the goal is to prevent foreign fighters of the self-styled Islamic State can go in war zones and return home with the specific intent to carry out attacks just like they did the terrorists who ravaged Paris and Brussels.
The data collected in each case will be available in clear to police for only 6 months, while in 5 years will be masked and available only in case of real threat to the security of European citizens, recognized after investigating cases of terrorism and other serious offenses.
Some fear that some Governments may take advantage of enhanced power control to implement a true work of spying to the detriment of honest people, while proponents of safety at any cost are willing to do anything to get away from any threat.
The question is: “Where the cyber security and where does the right to privacy?”


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