From the United States cyber war against ISIS?


According to the New York Times, the United States would have decided to hire a real cyber war against men in black of the self-styled Islamic State.
If the news was confirmed by U.S. military leadership would be the first time a Western country openly declares virtual war against international terrorism of Islamic origin. The aim of the new virtual campaign against the ISIS, again according to the New York Times, would stop the Islamist propaganda that is sweeping the web site through forums, jihadists and social media and also prevent Islamist leaders to communicate their orders through the net and pay the fighters with new electronic payment methods.
Six years ago inside the mysterious and powerful National Security Agency had been waxed the Cyber Command that until now has focused primarily on Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, the main countries from which originate cyber attacks directed against the United States, and has never been used openly against the Islamic State.
That the rumor is confirmed or not, what is certain is that a strengthening of the fight against jihadist propaganda on the Internet is more necessary than ever because there are always so many young Muslims, and also non Muslims, who are approached by recruiters Islamists on social networks and succumb to their false promises, not knowing that the reality of war zones under the control of self-styled Caliphate is very different from the one told on the web.
The fight against terrorism and immigration, certainly will be discussed today at the Summit in Hanover that brings together France, Great Britain, United States, Germany and Italy to take stock on the main challenges of the contemporary world.


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