Germany under attack


In recent days the Germany was for four times in the sights of unbalanced who attacked public places very crowded in ways very similar to those of the attacks by jihadist array; in three cases out of four authors of the massacres were very young asylum seekers with serious problems of integration into German society.

The first attack occurred on a regional train on 18 July: a teenage Afghan origin who had applied for political asylum injures five people seriously to bludgeonings before it is destroyed by the police. The next day finds a video in which the young man claimed to be affiliated with the self-styled Islamic State.

The second attack takes place only four days later, on July 22: a boy of eighteen years born in Germany but of Iranian origin draws with a false message on Facebook some of his peers in a Mc Donald’s and then starts shooting wildly before taking his own life.

In the end, the results are of nine people who died and more than 20 wounded, all young people who crowded the restaurant on a Friday afternoon. It is thought that the young man acted driven by personal motives, including being bullied and have passed school exams at the end of the year.

The third and the fourth attack occurred on the same day, 24 July: a Syrian asylum seeker hits a woman of Polish origin to sell machete removing life, while another blows up outside a music festival, injuring 12 people, but fortunately without causing casualties.

The security alert is the highest in all of Germany and citizens demand more protection and attention on the part of the police and the military; in many ask also to limit the entrances to refugee camps in the country.

Chancellor Angela Merkel has always been a great advocate of open door policy towards refugees, will maybe change her mind and admit she has got wrong?



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