Attacks in Thailand: terror in South East Asia

Last night a series of bombings shook the Thailand: two bombs exploded in front of a well-known resort frequented by foreign tourists in Hua Hin town, not far from the capital Bangkok and resulted in one fatality, a Thai woman, and several injured; this morning at the crack of dawn five other bombs exploded in tourist areas. In this case to be colitis have been the resorts of Hua Hin, already touched by the first two bombs, Phuket and Suret Trani, causing at least three deaths and several injuries among tourists and residents; it seems that even two Italian tourists are injured and have been taken to the nearby medical centers to receive appropriate treatment.
This is not the first time that Southeast Asia was hit by acts of terrorism, and not for the first time to be attacked are the places most frequented by foreign tourists, where there are hotels, restaurants and shops designed specifically for visitors coming from abroad. It is evident that tourism is considered inconvenient, an enemy to fight because influence and change the lifestyle of the local population in a way that is considered negative and because judged capable of corrupting the minds of young people away from tradition. We must not forget the large presence of sleeper cells of ISIS throughout South East Asia.
The news are still fragmentaries, and no one knows whether to strike were local separatist groups or affiliated to the self-styled Islamic State, but what is certain is that after these attacks the Thais have discovered themselves once again vulnerable and powerless in the face of such a devious enemy like terrorism capable of striking when and where we least expect it. After the tragedy of the tsunami and after Islamist attacks which had already heavily bloodied South East Asia, these recent attacks have reported the alert level to the maximum and even tourism in the area will experience a sharp decline.
Currently there are not official claims of the attacks.


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