There is no respite in Syria


The truce in Syria, which was designed to bring humanitarian aid to people still besieged in narrow city in the grip of fighting between various factions in the struggle and international coalition against the self-styled Islamic State, is officially failed. The ceasefire agreement between United States and Russia has been repeatedly violated and today we can say that the fighting never ceased: not only the militiamen jihadists, but also the rebels fighting the Assad regime, Shiite militias that are engaged in the fight against terrorism and also the Syrian regular army continued to use bombs and firearms and have never committed and truly respect the time of respite that had been decided.
While various international players, especially United States and Russia, exchange mutual accusations of not having been able to respect the truce and have armed rebel factions in secret, a humanitarian convoy which contained basic necessities and other aid for the Syrian population exhausted by five years of war it was attacked and bombed: all aid workers for the UN refugee agency on board lost their lives. The convoy consisted of about twenty vehicles and was bombed near the small town of Urum al Kubra, Northwest of Aleppo: trucks were laden with food, medicine, blankets, toys and diapers for the children.
The roads that should ensure the passage of these convoys are closed and unsafe and bombings and attacks are commonplace: medical means which should serve to succor the wounded are attacked without mercy. The authorities in Damascus, who had committed to providing humanitarian convoys to be able to reach those in need, were the first to break the truce and it looks like she’s started a real escalation of violence.
In the chaos and violence of Syria proliferate militiamen and unscrupulous warlords and to pay the highest price of all this are as in every war civilians, mostly women and children.


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