The White Helmets, the angels of the Syrian population


Talking about Syria, one cannot speak of White Helmets, organization that is headed by the Syrian Civil Defense and includes many volunteers, men and women who risked their lives daily to save people trapped under the rubble of their homes into the hell of war.
When there is someone who needs help, the White Helmets volunteers are always there and do not hesitate to defy the bombs, the attacks and snipers to succour the weakest people, who no longer have anyone to ask for protection and are found to be the victims of a war that they wouldn’t, but that led them away everything they had together with loved ones. Has been around the world a picture of some volunteers who weep and dogs while salted a few months baby from the rubble of what should have been her bedroom; the White Helmets attempt to console her and give first aid to her little body exhausted and bruised.
In Washington on 27 September the head of the Organization demanded more aid for the battered city of Aleppo: Miss everything and they are no longer basic necessities such as food and medicine; the population is on its last legs and many have already lost their lives to starvation and drinking contaminated water. RAED Al Saleh said: “over the last eight days we were the helpless witnesses to the brutal ferocity of military campaign against Aleppo. There were over 1700 air raids on the city. Nineteen attacks were accomplished with a couple hundred more anti bunker, bombs with highly destructive bombs and other weapons banned internationally. We have about 120 volunteers in Aleppo, of which 12 were seriously injured. “
These Angels turning Syria to bring relief to its population are engineers, cooks, bakers, teachers, doctors, artists, journalists, both women and men and their work is a tiny glimmer of hope to be able to give one day peace and stability to that battered Middle Eastern country.


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