New cold war between the United States and Russia


The last few days have been a succession of banter to poison and demonstrative actions by United States and Russia, and the sinking of the fragile truce in Syria and the decision of Moscow to break all relations with Washington has fueled even more tension.
On the border between the territory of the Atlantic Alliance and Russia, in Eastern Europe it seems that the two superpowers are competing to Flex their muscles and this is demonstrated by the fact that NATO in recent months has conducted right on the border with Russia some impressive military exercises involving thousands of troops and Russia a few days ago has lined up some powerful missile batteries close the NATO borders.
Relations between United States and Russia, already in lowest terms after the Russian invasion of the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine two years ago, with the war in Syria and various attempts failed miserably agreement came almost to the breaking point and it won’t be easy to recover the dialogue which is indispensable to put an end to a conflict that has dragged on for five years with the chaotic situation that favored the Islamist militia of ISIS and warlords and unscrupulous smugglers. The question of the future political and institutional structure of the dictator’s Syria and Assad were the causes of those arguments that still prevent a serious peace plan for the troubled Middle Eastern country.
Despite the Russian Foreign Minister and Secretary of State of the United States seek to reconcile their positions, their differences are becoming increasingly overwhelming need and only with a serious and honest dialogue for peace talks in Syria will be able to share and give hope to all Syrian citizens who live with the constant threat of bombs and the attacks. John Kerry convened a Conference in Lausanne to attempt once a ceasefire at least for the city of Aleppo, in order to allow the evacuation of civilians.




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