If jihad passes from Belgium

Last night the terror came back to hit Paris when a young man opened fire on police officers on duty to guard the Champs Elysees, in the crowd and just on the eve of the presidential elections to be held Sunday.
A policeman has been killed in the shootout, while two others are seriously injured, but they managed to eliminate the bomber, avoiding  a new massacre happening again as those who have bloodied the same Paris on 7 November 13, 2015 and Nice on 14 and gennai July last year. President Hollande has called heroes when agents shortly after the fact he spoke to the nation in unified networks to explain what had happened and announced the prolonged State of Emergency.
Also in this case the perpetrators of the attack were young Belgians, provided this morning occurred spontaneously to the authorities in Antwerp, children of immigrants who resided in those vast suburbs of Brussels and Paris where radicalization is very high. After the attack of March 22, 2016 November 13, 2015 in Paris and in Brussels the issue of how to handle the banlieu and avoid they become dens of terrorism and radicalisation has placed itself firmly and were carried out several raids followed by as many arrests.
The Belgium, in particular, with its neighborhoods ghetto on the far outskirts of Brussels became a haunt of jihadists and foreign fighters to step where abusive in mosques is preached hatred against the West and young people are pushed to go into war zones of Iraq and Syria to join the self-styled Islamic State. All the bombers that struck European cities are parties or had contact with jihadists Belgians who have them indoctrinated to martyrdom in the name of a wrong and distorted vision of Islam.
The migration policy of Belgium did not work because instead of integrating immigrants have felt excluded and rejected by society and this should do think very carefully those who plan their migration policies at the State level and European level.


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