82 are free… and the others?

A few days ago came the news that 82 of the students abducted by the terrorist organization Boko Haram while they were in their school have finally been freed and have been able to embrace parents, relatives and friends.
The girls, after being kidnapped, had been hidden deep in the jungle in a den of terrorists and there had been used as sexual slaves and cooks by the militia jihadists, without any rights and with the obligation to stay always shut and not to rebel, punishment atrocious torture. The youth had been forced to convert to the Islamic religion and to wear the whole veil; Shortly after the kidnapping, a photo of them was spread as they recited the verses of the Koran in memory and behind them they saw the terrorists who kept them under fire with heavy weapons.
All were forced to undergo terrible violence and abuse by their jailers, some of them have also had children from their tormentors, very young children who do not know they are born of a violence and that for their mothers will always represent the memory of one of the most terrible experiences that a woman can live.
The families of the liberated girls met with their daughters and celebrated with them; now for the young women is planning a slow return to that normal life that for so long, too much time, was denied them even if the psychological wounds never doubtless.
There are other families who still weep and wonder about what neither was their daughters: they are the families of the still-captive schoolgirls who have waited in vain for the arrival of their girls and now ask them to be freed with all the power of despair.
We must not stop shouting “Bring back our girls” because even the other students can soon return to their parents. From their friends and their relatives who are waiting for them and at the same time we must fight to eradicate the scourge of Islamic extremism that denies women even the most basic rights in the name of a distorted vision of Islam.


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