The most beautiful books

Let’s finish 2021 by talking about books. The books that accompanied us, took us by the hand in the sad moments and made us rejoice in the most beautiful moments of our lives.

With a book we feel safe, they are a balm for the soul, they are a shell that protects us and relieves us when we are sad. And every year the books are there with us, waiting for us and making us live many adventures and catapult us into many different and new worlds every time.

In the last 125 years there have been many books that have moved, made people fall in love, put fear… to many generations of readers and still today we read them with pleasure as if they had just been written. Emotions remain intact, even today after so many years.

When a book is well written the emotions it gives remain forever, this must never be forgotten. And even today, especially in a delicate period like this, you can bet that the books will be at our side and will show us the way to a better world.

I leave you a link that will be useful and maybe it will also give you some useful reading.

Of course for your every impression or comment I am always available to listen to you and read you in the comments.




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