When food and culture go hand in hand

Have you ever thought about combining food and culture?

Food and culture are closely linked and in some cases they go hand in hand. Food is itself part of a people’s culture, it perfectly reflects the dreams, desires, aspirations, all the past and present of a people.

Putting on the table a dish rather than another, food that can be spicy, sweet, salty… a people defines everything that is, everything that has lived and everything that is living in this moment. We never ask ourselves, for example, why Orientals use so much rice, how come Indians love very spicy food, how come in the Nordic countries they eat reindeer, how come some people eat so many meat dishes, As some people have a cuisine that uses mainly oil and others use butter but each of those dishes represents the history and experience of a people.

Do you ever think when you’re about to visit a new city what you can eat, the new colors and flavors you can feel and taste?

I leave you a short video with some very well-known and beautiful cities that can be identified very well with their typical food and you can see that already from the food you can understand the whole history and experience of those peoples with their history, their traditions, their past and present.traditions

As always tell me your experiences, I expect numerous comments.

link: https://www.msn.com/it-it/video/notizie/le-migliori-mete-al-mondo-per-chi-ama-il-cibo-nella-classifica-di-tripadvisor-ci-sono-3-citt%C3%A0-italiane/vi-AAT0vzx?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531



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