Ladies and knights, let’s go to the palace

Yes, all palace because the dream castles that you can visit are so many that it is impossible to mention all. And they’re all full of art, culture, history…

They are in Italy, in Europe, all over the world…. and they are one better than the other. To fly with imagination and be carried away by dreams, the charm of castles and feel a little noble and refined.

I love to visit castles and as soon as I have the opportunity I take advantage of them and pass through those mythical thresholds that hide dream worlds and talk about history, culture, a reality that belongs to the past but helps to understand the future. Yes, you can’t think of the future without knowing the past.

Castles and estates, mysterious abbeys that invite to prayer and meditation, noble villas that tell the life of a time between comforts and dances, all this to explain well how power was administered and how you lived a life perhaps simpler but not less adventurous.

Personally I think that castles have a kind of spell, of magic that remains in your heart, drives you to explore, to read, to understand, to know whose castle it was, what life it did, how power was administered and on what territory, etc…

I like to read stories of castles, dames and knights and there are also many movies on the subject.

And now we go to the palace, I thought I’d leave you a link on an article about dream castles in Germany but you can find a lot of articles about noble estates all over the world. If you want to tell me one or more castles that you have visited and liked write in the comments.




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