Bloody holiday

These days I am in Cote d’Azur for a short vacation and I never have thought that summer and joyful atmosphere was soon marred by news of the attack which has heavily bloodied Nice, during the July 14 French national Holiday. This morning everything was almost surreal, dramatically silent and enveloped in a pall of … More Bloody holiday

From the United States cyber war against ISIS?

According to the New York Times, the United States would have decided to hire a real cyber war against men in black of the self-styled Islamic State. If the news was confirmed by U.S. military leadership would be the first time a Western country openly declares virtual war against international terrorism of Islamic origin. The … More From the United States cyber war against ISIS?

ISIS, global threat

Double terrorist attack on Tuesday morning in Brussels, as well as the terrible attacks that on 13 November bloodied Paris, proved once more that the ISIS is a global threat. The militiamen of the Caliphate have created a real global network of terrorists that are only intended to attack where and when we least expect … More ISIS, global threat

All the unknowns of a military intervention in Libya

Yesterday’s news that two of the four Italian hostages kidnapped in Libya last July were killed probably by jihadi militants made her blood run across the country; today all we have learned with joy the successful liberation of the other two Italians kidnapped. Libya remains a country split in two, but at the same time … More All the unknowns of a military intervention in Libya